my mind to yours
thoughts triggered by recurring feelings and thought triggers which cause impulses in my mind and emotions…

ever wonder why if the past is passed and it is now only in our minds because of memories, why do people and things seem so absolutely real and prominent while unfortunately or fortunately missing? i think this is a similarity to muscle and nerve memory and reflex vs brain thought response- our emotions trigger feeling which can link tot he triggering of thinking which picks out a memory more strongly than a simple thought picture or thought movie, and we then recall something or someone much more powerfully than if simply with a picture, just like a picture vs a theme park ride

the solution is if we can control and manipulate our minds and feelings strongly and well enough to manipulate the bad thoughts and emotions out of ourselves, and hold onto the good ones alone…and what int he case of reflexive thought response that never had control? that is like a light rubber hammer to the knee and that i do not know, or im sure id not have the feelings that cause me to ponder this difficulty

New Word Definition of the Day, Night or Week whichever suits me said present time)

Disordinary- out of the ordinary; strange; against the ordinary; the opposite of the norm or regular

His strength is disordinary. He has trained so much to lift 900 pounds when only 120 himself. 

while on a desperate search for positive attention, we tend to attract negative attention…desperation tends to lead nowhere, but driven aspiration can lead anywhere and everywhere
Writing…a quote and some reasoning without necessity…

"I write partly because I suspect my sanity depends on it, & partly because I suspect my insanity does too. & not enough of either won’t do."  ~Debby Ryan

This is very true for me as well. I write to keep sane, to cope with problems, to let out ideas and thoughts, and sometimes to rant and let out emotional instability; hopefully to become stable once again- for some time at least.

I also write to feed my creativity and use that which is a blessing and a curse- my abnormal and potentially extraordinary mind. I use writing to express myself in positive, neutral, negative, and sometimes helpful ways. 

The process both keeps me stable and provides a way to be crazy in entertaining or humorous ways, sometimes calling for attention or leaving it behind- depending on the reason for writing the particular item in question at whatever time is appropriate (although, that’s what’s beautiful about it: it doesn’t require an appropriate time, writing simply is what to do anytime)

On a deeper level than simple entertainment or spur of the moment creative spurts, I write novels, lyrics or poetry, sometimes also blog postings, to both intentionally entertain and teach in some ways. Nobody can ever gain too much wisdom, thus any i do happen to obtain I want to pass on throughout my life. Any lessons I have learned I wish to pass to those who have yet to go through the same or similar experiences- sometimes, when possible, so they don’t have to deal with what I have gone through themselves before gaining the lesson’s value.

I write for many reasons, but that quote is a good summary indeed :)


talking to people online sure gets dull when distant from friends physically…what happened to person to person communication and relation?

i mean, really…why do we all seem to build and find relationships over the web or over the phone now?

it sucks after awhile

idk about you guys, but i need a real girl to talk to and actually see on even rare occasion

i want a real dude who can be a friend to chill with and maybe have some beers or chicken wings or something while shooting pool, playing video games, or shooting some basketball/tossing a football (or the consumption to come before/after such activities)

i want some real people with whom to converse

not just a NETwork over the internet

a net is made of strings…i want a relationship with a girl that is like handcuffs- where we just can’t be away from each other. a relationship with a dude like a bunch of sticks, not some tied string, so we can never break when together…in person

we only ended up in internet relationships within the last 15 yrs, but LOVE- not just like and sex- with true LOYALTY and SUPPORT and FEELINGS and ACTION existed more powerfully and frequently (more usually at least) before 1980…what’s with frickin divorce rates? what about girls sleeping with multiple guys and guys not even caring about sleeping with another girl? it sickens me…we have shallow self-pleasuring relationships without any real GENUINE love and loyalty and it is probly party a result of shallowness in relationship development

i’m all for building a few weeks of a relationship online and then meeting and developing things as friends or significant partners from then on in person more than online, but strictly sticking to online friends and having only online relationships outside of work and business just frickin sucks- trust me, i know currently and that’s why i’m posting this


you might lose them, or they might lose you, or both…you never know until you never could again…why take the chance?

maybe it’s also time to stop with this bs and go back to building relationships correctly, and in person with a decent amount of real genuine thoughts, ideas, feelings, humor and personality from a living and breathing and thinking and creating human being, not a username, etc.

why is knocking on a friends’ door uninvited awkward and creepy? i mean, what the hell? i did it when i was 11 all the time, and i usually got to hang out with a few different people at one time and we did it consistently…calling was a convenience for either our laziness or the parents’ plans… without our tech today, that is the way to go see someone, sometimes happily surprisingly!!!! it can be romantic, and movies depict it still, but especially if guys do it to girls, it’s creepy…that’s so ridiculous

we have become impersonal and need to fix this common modern social and relational issue

Ah i get it now…

i understand why lonely or outcast guys play video games and eat junk and sleep at weird times or smoke and drink and waste their life away…expect i cannot stand the idea of wasting life way, so i suppose what i truly do feel and get is why people simply play too many video games and online games

i am in a place where i have no friends, only a network of vague acquaintances that is continuing to evolve gradually- mostly work-related relationships involved in it- and online networks and distant friends

not that i cannot make friends, but on a night liek tonight- where i realize how often it truly is accurate that any girl i get attracted to has a guy already because “if they are good enough for me to be interested, they were already good enough for someone else” and my luck sucks in that department, thus i’m never the first one there (or the second or third it seems because engagement is not uncommon either) and i have no dudes to chill with a shoot pool or basketball or anything either, nor do i know of anyone who plays poker, magic the gathering, practices martial arts, etc. that could be fun to do- and i feel tonight like i wanna play video games to occupy me since nothing within 15 mins of driving is fun solo (besides only some is even still open) and i have nobody to contact, nor anyone to meet, nor anyone to go potentially see- well, there’s that one girl id love to talk to again or hang out with, but i just found out she is engaged too…woot…

they don’t have to be female, but the company of a lady is much preferred over a dude- for any guy, but especially lately for me- thus i’d like a person to chill with, particularly a girl

the conclusion is basically having nothing to do, i wish to waste away my time entertained by a video game, or i’ll have to drive over 20 mins away just to spend money to try to entertain myself with food, a movie or alcohol…the final of these sounding less awesome than the first 2- in the sense of having just eaten and the movie i wanna see not being out til tomorrow

i have to work tomorrow, thus cannot stay out too late, but it isn’t til 10am so i can do something- anything- at least…but what is there to do? idk idk idk…two weeks of not being sure, concluding in a few days of getting somewhere to end all in two days of realizing engagements, limits of age (of some cool coworkers still under 21) and limits of the area- it’s nice and beautiful with kind people and some cute girls, but nobody is really extroverted in a party-person sense, and nothing really crazy fun is nearby (as in being over an hour away…some nifty stuff being about 30-40 mins away tho, but not close enough to go too often without a few others)

again, i need video games…it’s sad bein lonely… haha

anyway, just don’t waste time is a good thing to take from this… either party, learn and/or both, and work hard in everything…don’t take relationships you do have for granted ever, and make sure others know you appreciate them… don’t let yourself feel like a failure, because that makes you fail and then the hole you must climb out of is deeper and deeper… learn and move one and strive and be driven… push yourselves and love yourselves… truly love and care for others

remember that bit beyond the rest of this slight complaint and slight realization…

and of course…


It suddenly struck me that that tiny pea, pretty and blue, was the Earth. I put up my thumb and shut one eye, and my thumb blotted out the planet Earth. I didn’t feel like a giant. I felt very, very small.
Neil Armstrong  (via showslow)

Nicole Lavelle
I always wanted a happy ending… Now I’ve learned, the hard way, that some poems don’t rhyme, and some stories don’t have a clear beginning, middle and end. Life is about not knowing, having to change, taking the moment and making the best of it without knowing what’s going to happen next. Delicious ambiguity.
Gilda Radner (via showslow)
Humorous Quotes (not by me) for the Day/Night

"Now back up, put the gun down, and give me a pack of tropical Bubblicious"

~Mike Lowry (Will Smith), “Bad Boys”

He not busy being born, is busy dying
Bob Dylan   …and Bobby from It’s Kind of a Funny Story
Just a good quote after a short story I saw in this book on economics…and a few thoughts

A tourist in New York’s Greenwich Village decided to get his portrait sketched by a sidewalk artist. He received a very fine sketch, for which he was charged $100. 

"That’s expensive," he said to the artist, "but I’ll pay it, because it is a great sketch. But, really, it only took you five minutes."

"Twenty years and five minutes," the artist said. «<This rightchur is the quote. 

It takes quite some time to become a great and experienced talent in any field. Do not downplay or downsize or forget someone’s work to reach their level of talent. If they are children and maybe are gifted prodigies, then you should further respect their talent because it is God-given and beyond that they can even surpass their own amazing talent later in life when they do study and practice at a detailed and lengthy level.

I’ll get to the title later… when i complete the thoughts…

"But life does not ask what we want. It presents us with options. Economics is just one of the ways of trying to make the most of those options." ~Thomas Sowell (Basic Economics)

Firstly, understanding the definition, or better yet the details, of economics helps with understanding why I value this quote, but the first 2 lines are good for anyone at any level of knowledge and understanding.

Busy reading so will finish this post later. 


Michael Akers:

  • Marilyn Monroe
  • Grace Kelly
  • Haudrey Hepburn
  • Elizabeth Taylor
  • Brigitte Bardot

This is really awesome and beautiful!

Simultaneously Irritating and Entertaining

Sometimes I feel like I should probably get paid by someone for the amount of correction comments I must place on or against youtube comment negativity. I might as well be some celebrities’ fact keeper and image helper haha. It’s interesting to see the results of correcting others, but also it bugs the hell outta me to see so much criticism and negative thinking and projection placed against someone. I understand disliking someone, but the lengths some people go to to eliminate interest in them or make them infamous is just sickening. OR it is simply annoying because some people have no intellectual ground behind their words and insults. These just bug me and should go away really. They have no truly offensive meaning, unless we credit them as having such a meaning, and they have no logical reasoning for the criticism. Additionally, they have too much inappropriate junk within them on a regular basis. 

If you criticize, do it intelligently and wisely. Do not bother uttering a critical response unless you have prepared the words properly. Constructive criticism is useful and helpful, if sometimes painful to hear, but offensive name-calling and insulting blurbs is silly, or ridiculous and upsetting. It gets nobody anywhere.

Also, if you respond to someone (like myself) who tends to correct critics or adjust a statement of negativity to be more objective, neutral or accurate, do not lower the level of intelligence of the conversation/debate/argument/agreement more than a “letter grade” please.

Here are my letter grades for a debate:

A- A complete, detailed, and occasionally eloquent response that qualifies as potentially professional and able to be mass-produced and seen by all. It needs to contain facts more than opinions, appropriate and clear wordings, educated terminology and truth- usually truth without bias or subjective reasoning. This can be excepted in the case of a hilarious and fulfilling comment that applies completely to the topic at hand.

B- A response that contains clear and concise details with educated terminology and appropriate wordings. It can be based off of opinions and/or facts, as well as could be considered relative to a magazine style of writing, but without bias. Any biased remarks within are usually that of specific and helpful opinions, not unnecessary criticism of any kind. Criticism within is based upon research and facts, not simply opinions. The bias and such an be waived if for humor that truly applies. (This is usually where my comments stand)

C- A response that contains understandable and clear information. The terminology needn’t be ideal, but should be easily understood by all, and any who read should be un-offended. (This is the most common type of comment that contains nice words or constructive criticism)

D- A response that lacks some intellectual reasoning or basic knowledge, but isn’t completely offensive or wrong. Sometimes, these can be humorous, though unhelpful. They aren’t completely unnecessary, but aren’t fulfilling in any real way.

F- A response that uses too much confusing terminology, not in an educated way but in the way of slang, etc. It generally contains too much profanity or uneducated wordings and doesn’t really say anything important, let alone helpful. It might as well not have been posted.

F’d UP- This is the worst type of comment or whatever else. It contains useless profanity and vulgarity and can be very insulting and should be ignored and really should never have been posted. (I will tear these comments apart and you will hate me if you tend to make these kinda of comments.)

If you reply to me seriously, I expect you will match or surpass my “letter grade” in the comment/statement world. At very least, don’t drop below a D please. I will not talk to you if you do.


Happy Posting! (Don’t forget I said HAPPY!!!! NOT OFFENSIVE!)